Your homework for September is to complete Wedge 1 & 13.

Make sure you Best Press all of your fabric before you begin!

Leave the papers in your wedge when you are finished. It will help keep your wedge stable until they are all sewn together.

DONT FORGET! WE ARE NOT CUTTING THE BACKGROUND TEMPLATE PIECES YET.  Although the book instructs to do this first, we are going to leave this step until January.

Cadence Court is a fresh take on a popular Block-of-the-Month style quilt! 
 This Block of the Month will go from
 September 2018 to August 2019. 

Meeting Days & Times

PLEASE NOTE: There will NOT be "show & share" during the first meeting as we have a lot of instruction to cover. 

Wednesday Sept. 5   1pm
Thursday Sept 6   1pm  & 7pm
Friday Sept 7    10am
Saturday Sept 8    9:30am

Wednesday Oct 3  1pm
Thursday Oct 4     1pm  & 7pm
Friday Oct 5     10am
Saturday Oct 6  9:30am

Wednesday Nov 7  1pm
Thursday Nov 8   1pm  & 7pm
Friday Nov 9   10am
Saturday  Nov 10  9:30am

Wednesday Dec 5   1pm
Thursday Dec 6   1pm  & 7pm
Friday  Dec 7    10am
Saturday  Dec  8  9:30am

Wednesday Jan  9  2019 1pm
Thursday Jan 10  2019 1pm  & 7pm
Friday Jan 11  2019   10am
Saturday Jan 12  2019   9:30am

Block of the month quilts are an exciting and easy way to complete a quilt without spending a lot of time at one sitting.
Cadence Court is a fresh take on a popular Block-of- the-Month style quilt!
 This quilt book features a 12 unique wedge designs, each repeated twice, that make up a modern circular design.
 Cadence Court finishes 60" x 60".
 Included in the book are full-size foundation patterns and templates to reproduce on your copier, paper-piecing instructions, a coloring sheet, and much more!
Includes Cadence Court Book(retail value $34.99),
 11mtrs of Cantik Batik fabric (retail value $176)(shown in photo) to complete quilt TOP & Binding, 
and one instructional meeting per month.
The registration cost is $33.98.
The price covers the first and last month fees.
  There will be a monthly fee of $ 16.99
 for the remaining 10 months. 
The assortment of CANTIK BATIKS total up to approximately 11 mtrs and will be distributed monthly

Registration is open until all spots are filled.